Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy New Year

In honor of all we let go of and all we take on...Happy New Year:  
an online exhibition
So here's how this all got started.... 

Several months ago I needed to get rid of my couch. I may have had this couch for about 25 years. The prospect of getting rid of it seemed a bit unsettling, maybe I felt a little guilty as if I were throwing away something which held secrets, memories, comfort....all of it being trashed now. 

I started noticing couches in my travels...abandoned, discarded, soaring out of dumpsters and left by the side of the road. Some humorous, some glamorous, some sad. I started taking pics wherever I saw such monuments and asked a few photographer friends if they'd like to send me some pics on the theme. I had no idea how cool and over the top wonderful these images would be and how much fun this endeavor would become. I was getting some amazing shots sent to me and decided to create a curated on-line exhibition here .... in honor of the couch....of course :). I really appreciate the completely awesome artists who became a part of this project. 

for added awesomeness; click on the first image to enlarge and then click on through from the thumbnails below.  

Daniel Allen

Brett Dyer

Anna Palmer

Hampton Burwick     Homeless

Bonny Leibowitz

Hampton Burwick      Last chance patio furniture

Kathy Robinson-Hays       Park Bench

Bonny Leibowitz

Hal Samples

Alisa Eykilis

Kathy Robinson-Hays     Bus Stop Lounge

Alisa Eykilis

Daniel Allen 

 Hampton Burwick  Sidewalk

Cande Aguilar  Skeleton Couch

Cande Aguilar   Draped Couch with Palm Tree Leaf

Michael Field 
Matadeiro Praia (Beach) Florinopolis, Brazil

Kevin Lee Hitchings

Alisa Eykilis

Jeanne Neal

Bonny Leibowitz

Randy Leibowitz Dean
Brett Dyer 

Brett Dyer 

Renee Pryor

Bonny Leibowitz 

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  1. I love this project, Bonny! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it! The project and photographs are very reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg's combine titled, Bed.
    There is beauty in these human-made, deity-inspired, everyday utilitarian objects, in the symbolism of the various styles and forms, in the presence of life that is engrained within them, and the ideals they represent or once represented. Excellent work! Happy New Year!